The therapeutic value of blogging

“Freedom of the press is available only to those who own one.”

Have you ever heard of the term “hypergraphia?”   It’s the uncontrollable urge to write.   There are many therapeutic benefits to writing about personal experiences, thoughts and feelings.   It appears that complaining can act as a “placebo for getting satisfied.”

I have to admit, I have been surprised and pleased with the fringe benefits of blogging since I started out in late 2007.  First of all, the pure freedom of blogging has been breathtaking to me at times!   After a couple of years of literally begging editors to publish my research results, thoughts and writing, I now hold all the publishing power.   I just write and hit publish and it’s out there, for better or worse!

I have also felt the therapeutic benefits of blogging.   I often think about how much easier my own midlife crisis could have been with the support of a virtual community of fellow sojourners.   I felt so alone when I was in mid-crisis.   Connecting with others of like mind would have made a gigantic difference to me.

Most of my ideas for my blogs come from what I’ve been thinking or dreaming about lately.   Sometimes I wake up thinking about something, and then I ask myself if anyone in the universe might be interested in my thoughts on that subject?

My answer is usually yes.   I figure I must be the ultimate average midlife crisis queen after all I’ve been through in the past few years: divorce, job loss, menopause, re-marriage, career change.

I really enjoy reading Rhea’s blog:  The Boomer Chronicles. She has helped me out in so many ways, like inviting me into her Blogging Boomers’ Blog Carnival!

Rhea says:   “I’m a baby boomer, I have a blog, and I know how to use it!”


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