Exposing yourself through your writing

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”  – Anais Nin

Especially when you first start out, writing can feel like exposing your whole self through the written word.   Most of us hesitate or even stop at this point.   Do I really want others to know so much about my internal life?   What will they think of me?

I have an older friend who is just getting into blogging.   I salute her courage to dive in feet first and just do it!   But I also relate to her fear that by blogging she will open herself up to criticism from others.

Putting yourself out there is scary.   It’s always easier to hold back and not push through to the next challenge in life.   But what would be the point if we didn’t take a chance every now and then?

I remember how driven and yet frustrated I felt when I first started out.   I knew I needed to write about my recent midlife crisis and I KNEW there were others who would relate, and yet no editors were interested in real life.   It was too raw, it was too depressing, it was simply too authentic for magazine editors.   That’s why I finally started my first blog: Midlife Crisis Queen and ended up writing Midlife Magic, my first book. Maybe I had to create my own following, but I at least had a vehicle and a place to start!

It helps if you feel called and driven to write on a particular subject.   Do you have some voice inside your head demanding to be heard?   I felt it was essential that I start the conversation about the extreme ups and downs of midlife crisis and change.   I saw nothing in the mainstream media that spoke to me and my specific needs.   The world acted like I was invisible and tried to keep me that way.   Thank goodness for the inventiveness and freedom of the internet!


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