That first gigantic leap of faith

“To believe is to be strong.   Doubt cramps energy.   Belief is power!”

So you’ve decided to become a writer.   What does that mean to you?   Does it mean selling your first manuscript to a magazine editor or a publisher of some sort?    Does it mean choosing to try and make a living with your writing?

First and foremost it means taking that first gigantic leap of faith.   It means believing in yourself enough to know you will reach whatever goal you have set, and that you accept being a member of this occupation which naturally includes lots of waiting patiently and rejection.

You must learn to never take it all personally.   Editors just know what they want and need to maintain their readership.  Editors and publishers are struggling for survival too these days, but they do hurt a lot of writers in the process.

I think you must first LOVE THE PROCESS OF WRITING.   You must love the way writing makes you feel when you know you are reaching others with your unique way of seeing the world.   You must love how writing keeps you on your own personal edge of risk and reward.   It also helps if you feel like you have to write.   It’s simply a part of who you are.

I LOVE being a writer.   I wake up each day with great anticipation of what I might write, how I might connect with someone I’ve never met before, and how what I say may spur others on so they are willing to follow their own dreams.   Writing and blogging give me the perfect vehicle for creating a life full of creativity and adventure, an ever expanding cycle of paying it forward.

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One Response to That first gigantic leap of faith

  1. 1989chevy says:

    You’re absolutely right when you say ‘you must first LOVE THE PROCESS OF WRITING’. While I haven’t made the leap of faith to writing for a living, I certainly enjoy my sporadic bursts of creativity. Whether ‘guest blogging’ on the Midlife Crisis Queen site, writing letters to the editor (and getting printed!), or just spouting off in various other outlets, it has been very gratifying (not to mention addictive!).

    Considering I barely passed high school English classes, this transformation has been somewhat remarkable. Perhaps the greatest lesson I’ve learned is that the English language is a bit like a gymnast: flexible!

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