Writing and self-discovery

One of my favorite exercises at this point in my career, is receiving a writing assignment that requires me to dig deep and learn more about myself and the reasons why I have lived this life I have chosen.

For example, I was recently honored with the assignment to write about how it feels to consciously choose to be childless in America today.   Thank you and a big shout out to Katherine Hewitt, the publisher of the new Be Magazine for having the courage to include adventurous, non-mainstream pieces like this!

Because of this challenge, I had to give some serious thought to how my life has been different, because I have consciously chosen to be one of the one in five women past age 45 who never gave birth.   How has that one decision changed how I see my world?   How has it changed the kinds of friends I attract and how I live each day?

This showed me how I am truly a minority member in my own society.   My life experience has been unique compared to most of the women I meet.  This went a long way towards explaining to me why I could not relate to the majority of the women I met in my early years.

And, after some research, I realized the reasons we each choose to be kid-free are certainly as varied as the millions of women who have made this choice.  Whether we choose this life path because of life circumstances, environmental reasons, or the simple realization that we don’t like kids, it’s great to finally have the freedom to choose!

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Laura Lee Carter is the author of this blog and she holds copyright on all materials published.
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2 Responses to Writing and self-discovery

  1. F.C. Boyd says:

    Good for you to feel like your voice needed to be heard and so glad to hear that Katherine picked up your article!

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