Launching a new project: A non-fiction book

I am presently in the beginning stages of creating a new book about finding love in midlife.   Any of you who have ever taken on the task of creating a book from scratch, understand the challenges.

Most of them are internal and emotional for me.   The self-questioning begins!   Should I put so much time and energy into a product that may not sell?   Why would anybody listen to me on this subject?   How much research is enough?   How much is too much?   How much of my own experience should I include?

The good news is I’m feeling extremely positive about this project.   I’ve been looking for good “signs” and there are many turning up!   I seem to be attracting to myself lots of GREAT opportunities for promoting my book when it comes out next February.

I’ll be writing about my own book creation process here as it emerges.   Please feel free to share your own experiences with me here!


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3 Responses to Launching a new project: A non-fiction book

  1. 1989chevy says:

    Good for you, and good timing! We not only have the usual stresses and strains on relationships, but now we have the added pressures of a down economy.

  2. That should be a very interesting book! Love is a hot topic (excuse the pun.) Always has been, always will be.

    I’m curious; what is the format? I mean, is this from your perspective, many women’s perspectives, or men and women’s perspectives? Heterosexual only? So many possibilites, when it comes to love, even at middle age. Or shall we say, the prime of life…

    All the best!

  3. Hi Linda:

    I plan to share what I have learned from my own experience, intertwined with recent research on the psychology of love. MIDLIFE LOVE rocks! -Laura Lee

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