Elizabeth Maxim on finding the confidence to be a writer

I met Elizabeth at a Northern Colorado Writers meeting recently.   She is the author of a new e-book: Riding the Waves. Here are her thoughts on finding the confidence inside to be a writer:

“I believe we are born with the innate need and desire to create. We have to remind ourselves, we were born writers. Writing is who we are. When I have to plug my confidence, I have a number of tricks I try. One is to remind myself of past triumphs, including positive comments and encouragement I received along the way…all the times someone said, “Wow, you should write that down…” or the like.

I also read interviews with other authors who talk about their struggles, their rejections, their own humble beginnings. It reminds me that I’m like them and they are like me. We all have to start somewhere.

Finally, I encourage other writers as much as I can. I provide support where I can. How could I be doing this unless I was a writer, too? I gain so much from giving that kind of support freely and reminding people of how valuable they are and how important what they have to say really is. I love reminding people that yes, they are writers and yes, they have something to give the world. In telling them, I’m reminding myself…”

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