Oprah’s interview with J.K. Rowling

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation I built my success on.”

I hope some of you were able to catch Oprah’s interview with Jo Rowling yesterday.   I found it fascinating and really quite illuminating.  So many of her life experiences reminded me of what I’ve been through in the past ten years, and how those experiences turned us both into writers.

As many of you know, she went through a bad marriage, the death of her mother, and clinical depression before beginning to write her Harry Potter series.   While not underplaying the difficulties of these times in her life, she now feels certain that all of her feelings of sadness and failure contributed greatly to her eventual success.   The way she put it was: “My greatest fears had come true, and I was still alive!”

This was my take when I first lost my marriage and then my career back in 2004.   I had nothing left to lose so I might as well follow my heart.   That journey eventually took me to professional writing, something I had always desired but felt inadequate to pursue.   Like Jo Rowling, I used my failures to find future success.

Another statement Ms. Rowling made resonated with me completely:  “I know what I believe because I write.”   I often start writing on a topic simply to find out how I really feel about it.   There is something about the writing process that shows me my true feelings as I journal on any particular topic.   That’s one of the reasons I enjoy blogging too!


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