Trusting in my own personal process

So the book is finally coming along!   At first I got stuck with the overwhelming idea of creating a whole book from scratch.  But then I realized I wasn’t creating anything from scratch.  I was instead organizing on paper what I have learned from a lifetime of loving myself and others.

Believing that I have something unique and interesting to say is half the battle!   Once I convinced myself that this was true, the book began to flow.  But it flows in its very own unique way.   Not like Philip Roth mentioned in his interview last Sunday.

In this interview, Mr. Roth said many useful and interesting things about being a writer and just being a decent human being.   It’s really worth reading!  But I have found that my book does not flow on his one-page-per-day schedule.   I find that I write in spurts of creative energy.   I get stuck for a day or two then I get back into the flow and cannot stop.   It can even feel addictive at times!

I have also started lining up the people I wish to share my work with as I progress.  This is a careful selection process for me.   Those of you I have already contacted, thanks so much for sharing this journey with me!


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3 Responses to Trusting in my own personal process

  1. My own process is a messy one, two steps forward, three sideways, one back, followed by days with no visible progress (though lots happening in the universe of my subconscious…) We keep muddling through!

  2. You’re so right Linda! Who knows what’s really happening deep in the subconscious…I always like to be surprised! -Laura Lee

  3. Jester says:

    Good for you! I’m so glad to know your next book is getting traction. And I completely agree with your approach to writing; as the old Almond Joy ads used to say, ‘Some days you feel like a nut, some days you don’t’.

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