Making Space for Creativity in Your Life

Today we have a GREAT guest post from local writer Katrina Pfannkuch of Buzzword Communications!

As a creative creature, you know by now its not an on-demand thing that downloads like a Netflix movie. It takes patience, practice and time to allow the ideas and juicy stuff to bubble up, ready for expression. Most often, the more you force it, the further you move from inspiration and a natural flow.

I often hear “busy life” complaints from other writers and creatives. Typical excuses include a combination of work, kids, activities, family and other responsibilities, and how if THEY didn’t take care of them, “nothing would get done”. In reality, things would get done, but not necessarily in the way THEY would go about it. Soon the need to be busy or control every element of life grows into more – a block to the creative mojo.

I totally get it. Life elements create chaos and prevent you from making any real headway with your labor of love creative projects. However, YOU are the only one in charge of your time and boundaries, the one who sets the tone for how you want to live. So, if its your responsibility, why are you filling your life with stuff to do? I have an idea. Its a much easier way to hide than be honest about what you are really feeling about putting yourself out on the page.

The Writing Boogeyman

Writers often an encounter a block or fear around expressing themselves, especially if they feel its their calling. Its like placing your heart on a fence for target practice. Putting yourself out there for public consumption and potential judgment can easily paralyze you into keeping inspirations a secret and going no where with your talents.

Look, I agree. Having someone not only read but comment on your inner most, personal thoughts can be terrifying. I just happen to think its less terrifying than not sharing my voice, watching my creative inspirations die at my own hand.

Simple Steps Have Great Rewards

So the next time you say to yourself, I just don’t think I can fit in any creative time this week, try a few of these ideas to get your motivation back into play:

  • Take a short walk to clear your head. Tune into your senses as best you can. Notice what is going on around you. Return and write one paragraph about what you experienced saw, felt, remembered etc.
  • Make a list of things you enjoy doing. When was the last time you enjoyed doing any of them?
  • Write down beliefs around being creative or creative people. Can creative people support themselves financially? Are you afraid no one will think you have something valuable to say?  What has someone else said about creativity that has stuck with you? This will clarify true barriers to creativity.

Take small steps. Its the little pieces that are revealed and healed as we walk along our path that bring the clarity we need to live up to our creative greatness.

Additional resources:, and

Katrina is a writer, editor, ghost blogger, creative and Reiki Master with over 13 years of experience working with clients nationwide. Her passions include health and wellness, creativity, life balance, sustainability and green business/technology.

For more information on Katrina’s work, visit


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2 Responses to Making Space for Creativity in Your Life

  1. This is a great post, Katrina. You’re absolutely right: it’s critical to MAKE time & space for creativity.

    I especially love the third suggestion under “simple steps” — to write down ideas (perceptions and misconceptions) around creativity. I’ve actually never done that before, but will do so this week!

    Thanks for great suggestions!

    • Hello Cali! I am so glad to hear that this post brought some additional awareness about your beliefs around creativity. Its something we all need to explore as talented creative beings in order to shine our full creative gifts on the world!

      I also think making time for our own greatness is often the most overlooked, even though its the most important.

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing your insights in order to help others.

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