Feel the fear and do it anyway!

“To believe is to be strong.  Doubt cramps energy.  Belief is Power!” -Winston Churchill

I am in the process of writing a new book about learning how to believe in love again after a divorce or some other type of big love disappointment or betrayal. The work requires some serious memory work and soul searching to recall that feeling of hopelessness when all seemed lost and my future looked so very grim.

When I think (and feel) back to those days when I had no idea how I was going to survive day to  day, I am amazed at where I am now.   How did I find a way to believe in myself and my power to change and improve my life when I felt like such a loser?

And how did I transition then into my work as a writer?   Believe me, it wasn’t easy!   It sometimes takes a suspension of reality in your own head.   The doubt is always there, but I get to choose moment to moment what I believe about myself and my own potential.

Yesterday I had a big doubt attack in the middle of feeling very positive and happy about the direction my book was taking me.   My response to doubt:  “This thing is happening no matter what you say, so you might as well get out of the way!”

To grow as a person, face one fear everyday.


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Laura Lee Carter is the author of this blog and she holds copyright on all materials published.
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