Brain therapy, intuition and synchronicity

Still plugging away on my non-fiction book about finding ways to help yourself believe in love again.   I’m pleased to find I now have over 15,000 words in just my first month of work!   And my first book was only 24,000 total.

It has been a fascinating process because the writing requires lots of memory work for me, while I’m also getting some brain integration therapy for a brain injury from two years ago.   It all seems to be working well together!

My brain therapy helps with tough memories from my past.   My therapist looks at trust issues at various ages, and how they impacted my overall ability to trust others.   What a perfect combo as I analyze how we lost our trust of others, but also how we can reclaim that trust and learn to love again.

Another great example of how intuition and synchronicity work together to improve our lives…just what my book is about!

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One Response to Brain therapy, intuition and synchronicity

  1. Warren says:

    Hi Laura,

    I’m doing a 30-day trial of living on inspiration and intuition, but as I’m more of the thinking kind, it’s been a bit tough! Do you have any tips or advice on hearing intuitions, and distinguishing them from other things like random feelings, thoughts, urges, and so on?


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