Intuitive messages: What’s what?

I just received a great question:  “Do you have any tips or advice on distinguishing intuitive suggestions from other random feelings, thoughts, urges?”

First of all, I can highly recommend reading the book: Awakening Intuition by Frances E. Vaughan. It explains what intuition is, why it is important to use it, and how to access it.   Frances was one of my teachers at Naropa, an amazing psychologist!

In my own case, I hear suggestions all of the time from my intuition.   Some are as simple as, “Go meet this person, read this book, or see this movie now.”   Or, “Get away from that person.”  Most of my intuitive guidance came through in dreams or words from songs when I was in the midst of my worst midlife crisis period. I would wake up with a dream or a certain part of a song on my mind, and when I finally sat down and thought about it, there was a unique and important message there for me.

One aspect of my most important intuitive messages is that if I try to ignore them they just keep coming up.   They don’t just pass, they will NOT leave me alone until I do what they say.  My intuition can be very stubborn, and yet when I follow through with the action required, I am rewarded exquisitely!

The good news is, as you get better at listening, the messages become clearer and more distinguishable.  It’s just another skill to add to your repertoire of living skills, but it’s important because it can actually save your life!


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