Why self-publish?

We have a rousing discussion of the pros and cons of self-publishing your own books going on over at the Linked IN group called: Book Publishing Professionals. You might want to join this group and check it out!  Warning: it is a verbose group!

Here’s an interesting excerpt:

“Writers are people who love and live the story, and producing a book is a grand odyssey that will better anyone who undertakes it. Gandhi was able to change the world with simple ideas and actions. Why should any writer be discouraged from doing the same? Most will make no money, and most will produce books that are shoddy at best, but all will have tried and the best of those will learn and try again.

As with any art, writing has inherent magical qualities. And technological resources now available to self-publishers enable the common magician to make his art available to ordinary people celebrating their right to literacy in a realm once the exclusive province of politicians and priests. Like any form of wisdom or spirit, the written word is not likely to be consumed until its potential beneficiary recognizes a thirst and makes his way to the water, but never in history has the stream of global consciousness and information been so accessible to contributions.

Writing is civilization, and printing is the dissemination of culture. The spread and growth of culture—wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment in its many forms—is the winged horse bearing solutions to man’s problems in troubled times. With millions of books already in print, the sole thing that might motivate us to contribute yet another is a conviction we have a different insight, a new story, a divergent angle, a desire to contribute something better. And only through reading and writing will we ultimately come to understand ourselves, nurture the beautiful planet we are custodians of, and remember how to laugh in the darkness.”

-Conclusion from The One Hour Guide to Self-Publishing: Straight Talk for Fiction and Nonfiction Writers About Publishing and Marketing Your Own Books


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