Blogging as a path to becoming a writer

“Freedom of the press is only available to those who own one.”

Back in 2005, the year I turned 50, I decided to become a writer.   I had always known how much I loved reading and writing.   After keeping a journal dutifully since age 13, three M.A. degrees and 25 years working in academic libraries, I was ready to finally EXPRESS MYSELF to the world.

I did the usual things, got a writing coach, joined a writing critique group, and dove into freelance writing feet first.   Only problem was, it seemed nobody wanted to hear what I had to say.   I had just been through a traumatic midlife crisis.   I had just changed careers, husbands, homes AND hair colors, but as far as I could tell, no mainstream magazines wanted to acknowledge how much change menopause can bring on.

My solution?   I started my blog in late 2007.   This was my very own platform for reaching others who felt exactly the way I did.   I absolutely LOVED the pure freedom of sitting down each day to address my readers directly!  After struggling with freelance writing for a couple of years, it felt so refreshing to hit that “Publish” button without any outside editing or censorship.

Of course it took quite a while to see any response, but eventually I was averaging at least 150 page views per day and making all sorts of cool new friends.

I am so thankful for this relatively new way for writers to find THEIR OWN AUDIENCE without the interference of the media.   It’s all about people connecting with people without some media or advertising giant standing in between.   Same with self-publishing.  With just a little bit of money, freedom of the press has finally been achieved!

My latest book will be available soon!   How to Believe in Love Again will be out in paperback by Valentine’s Day 2011!


About Laura Lee Carter

Laura Lee Carter is the author of this blog and she holds copyright on all materials published.
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2 Responses to Blogging as a path to becoming a writer

  1. julietowers says:

    I for one am so glad that you started writing….!! I get the biggest kick out of you.

  2. Thanks Julie! Happy Holidays to you and yours! -Laura

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