Do you think aging needs re-branding?

Abundance is how we live in each moment – the choice to be open, the choice to entertain the possibility that we can have, create, and attract what we truly want.

The International Council on Active Aging had a valid point when it said aging needed to be re-branded from a burden to an opportunity, writes Thom Forbes.   But how do we do that when the experience of aging varies so much?

“In the end, it has nothing to do with slogans, or some assignment editor’s cockamamie notions of a trend.   Given our genetics and fortune in avoiding injuries and illness, aging is, in fact, a story we each write for ourselves,“  Forbes writes.

Truer words were never spoken!   When it comes to aging, attitude is everything!   As I got past 50, my slogan soon became:  “KEEP MOVING!”

This I meant in every aspect of my life:   mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.   Don’t give up on growing and changing and becoming more of who you are, someone who has something important to offer the world.

Aging is tricky.   With increased physical challenges come more mental and emotional challenges.   It can be easy to lose interest in what life has to offer us.   But I learned a long time ago that longevity is determined by how much we truly wish to keep on living.

Depression and doubt can easily creep into the thoughts and feelings of  even the most resilient person.   When it does, I ask myself: “Are you finished living now?   Have you done everything you came here to do?”   The answer for me is NOPE, not yet.   And so I continue on with my blogs, my books and my coaching, because every now and then I do change lives, and when I do, I feel wonderful!

I sincerely hope you can embrace this brand new year with some hope of your life improving bit by bit.

Happy New Year!!!

P.S.  Just sent my new book to the printer!


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