The Power of Words

In a world filled with non-stop TV, video and visual media, it’s easy to begin to suspect that words have lost their power to change lives.   But never doubt how powerful your words can be.   I think the Internet is the best recent example of how powerful words still are.

Want a great example?  Check out the paper chain of expression in Tucson. Here is where the people most impacted by these senseless shootings came to share their words and feelings.   “All they cared about was that they could do something, write something, send their feelings somewhere….As people stopped to write, they shared what they felt. They talked of knowing victims through their schools or neighborhood. They talked of gun control and mental illness, healing and forgiveness.

Words are one of the most important ways we show our deepest feelings and connect with others in times of happiness and grief.   They are the way we share what we have learned through our own lives, and one way we can attempt to help others in their most desperate times of need.

My new book How to believe in love again is just that, a simple labor of love where I attempt to connect with others who fear they will never experience the joy and intimacy of true love again.   This is my valentine to unhappy singles everywhere.

Only those who have poured out their hearts, labored long hours, and written their own books can understand the anxieties and stresses involved.   Once you have laid out your life and your words on the page and then sent it out into the world, you are vulnerable like never before.   Perhaps no one will ever read it.   Perhaps everyone will and there will be cruel media coverage or criticism.   All you know is that it is out in the world now and can never be taken back.

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”                        – Rudyard Kipling


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2 Responses to The Power of Words

  1. Jester says:

    In times of tragedy like this, our inherent desire to express our grief and reach out to others becomes impossible to ignore. Our hearts ache, and we want to help. Our words are very powerful in connecting with people and learning to cope. What we say can either heal or hurt, and those of us who choose to write on a larger stage have a great responsibility to wield that power carefully. Laura Lee, thank you for taking care. ‘Language is like a gymnast: flexible’! Jester

  2. Thank you for your well chosen words, Jester!

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