And you thought it was stressful to write your book…

just wait until it’s time to market it!   Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get the word out to the world even though we have this great tool called the Internet?

I have been lost in the world of traditional and Internet marketing for the past few weeks, trying to utilize all I have learned to market my new book.   This has included learning how to create and distribute a proper press release, pitching guest blogs to love and dating sites, pitching TV and radio stations as well as newspapers, getting set up for Valentine’s Day reviews and give aways, and subscribing to the many services who help an author connect with these types of opportunities.

I have had some success so far.   I just published a guest post on a very popular dating site this week, created and distributed a dynamite press release and had some nice nibbles from Denver TV stations!   But I can see that slow and steady wins this race.  One great connection leads to three others so I just keep chipping away everyday!


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One Response to And you thought it was stressful to write your book…

  1. Jester says:

    Good post, guest blog and press release; I really hope this book flies off the shelf! As soon as I find the time, place and finances to jump back in the deep end of the dating pool, I’ll get a copy, myself!

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