He was talking about tacos…

One important thing I have learned from my most recent foray into the world of national publicity is, watch out for the occasional weirdo when it comes to radio interviews.

From my national press release I received a request for a ten minute interview on a radio show that appeared legitimate to me.   The interviewer focused on recent new books so I thought it all made sense.   That was until I got on-air with him!

I had sent him my talking points for the interview, but as soon as we started speaking I could tell he was not following any script.   He sounded a bit drunk, and when he launched into questions about my relationship with my parents and my husband, I should have simply hung up.   Then he starts telling me about his personal epiphany over tacos!

Here was a national radio interviewer embarrassing himself before everyone while also questioning my expertise in psychology.   I was so angry by the time the interview ended, I was spitting nickels!   Watch out for the nut jobs of the world out there!


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Laura Lee Carter is the author of this blog and she holds copyright on all materials published.
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