Taking advantage of the changes in writing

OK, I know I can be slow, but I finally get what’s happening here, and I now intent to take full advantage of it!

For months I have had individual advertisers coming to me through e-mail to request links from my Midlife Crisis Queen blog to their website for cash.   They usually pay around $100 for one link from one post!

I finally began to think of each post on my blog as an article in a magazine.   Publishers pay writers to create interesting content to attract top dollar advertisers to their product.   It is really no different in the blog world.   Advertisers know I am attracting thousands of readers to my site each month.   Why not slip in some in obtrusive ads with links?

I’m now making my blogs pay their own way!   It’s the new model of freelance writer except I own the magazine and work directly with the advertisers!   I can pick and choose which sponsors I prefer and add less annoying ads, not those big, ugly flashing things.  I figure if they don’t bug me, they won’t annoy my audience.

My readers have had the deal of the century for the past few years, advertisement free reading.   It’s now time for the writer to get paid!


About Laura Lee Carter

Laura Lee Carter is the author of this blog and she holds copyright on all materials published.
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