Why do we write?

“Why do writers write?   Because it isn’t there!”  -Thomas Berger

Just watched a great documentary about George Mallory and Everest.  That reminded me of my favorite saying about writing!   Sometimes I wonder why I have written the books I have, when I could have written on any topic.   What made it essential to me to put so much energy into sharing my knowledge on these specific subjects?

Actually the larger question is what inspires us to share with others through writing?   For me, my midlife crisis was such a gigantic wake-up call that, after I survived it, I felt compelled to offer encouragement, reassurance and camaraderie with others on this important topic.   I knew the depression and suicide rate among those in midlife was going up everyday, and I also knew why.   How could I NOT do what I could to help?

I first tried to publish freelance pieces and succeeded to some extent, but the mainstream media is very set in its ways and tough to break into.   So I started blogging as the Midlife Crisis Queen and attracted quite a following in just six months!   That’s when I knew I had hit a nerve.   I loved the writing and my readers were happy too!

Why do you write?   Are you reaching the readers you wish to?   Are you a part of the solution instead of the problem?   Then you’re doing the best you can!

About Laura Lee Carter

Laura Lee Carter is the author of this blog and she holds copyright on all materials published.
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