Can you write books that will change lives?

I have been watching Oprah’s interview with James Frye, author of “A Million Little Pieces.”   He keeps insisting that he feels certain that he can “write books that change peoples’ lives” and that is why he writes.   I wish I had his level of self-confidence.  It cannot hurt to appear on Oprah a total of four times now!

Is it arrogant to believe that your writing changes peoples’ lives? James Frye now runs his own self-proclaimed “fiction factory” in NYC.  He says he has so many ideas for fiction works that he needs to hire extra writers to work collaboratively on books for the publishing company he now runs.   Sounds like a nice life to me.

I personally don’t worry so much about whether my books have the potential to transform the lives of others, but rather whether enough people will ever know that I wrote them, find them and then read them.   If I had had the fortune of appearing on Oprah, I guess that worry would be in my past.

I did like what James Frye said about the purpose of art: to challenge readers, to push them to places they never would have gone on their own, and to help them see things and think in a new way.   That sounds great to me, and the reason for all of my blog posts, books and public speaking engagements.

It’s fun to hear another writer speak about how writing has changed their life!


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