Advice for those considering the life of a writer entrepreneur

A colleague asked me to summarize my best advice to new entrepreneurs, and here is what fell out of mouth immediately:

“I have lots of great advice for entrepreneurs, but to summarize:


If you have the potential to create an excellent product, enjoy the process, and believe completely in what you are doing, you have all of the ingredients to EVENTUALLY find success.  Perhaps not in a few months or maybe even a few years, but stick to your dream and keep at it.   You are doing what you came here to do, so success will be yours, even if it looks a bit different when you get there.

I have been through so many changes in my own writing career and I only started writing professionally in 2006.   First I focused on freelancing, then blogging, and then eventually I added in the authorship of both e-books and paperbacks.   My progression shows how I slowly learned about the importance of maintaining a diverse array of different income streams.

The way I see it is, after three and a half years, my blog has turned into my own private magazine where readers come to learn more about midlife psychology.   Now advertisers are regularly contacting me to buy space and links from my content to their websites.  As of now I have income streams from my books, blog advertising, coaching and from paid speaking engagements.

Trust me.   It’s a slow process building ANY business, and definitely not for the faint at heart.   Your faith in your dream and self-confidence that you have the strength of character to follow through, will be tested regularly.

Do you have what it takes?

Becoming a writer entrepreneur is also about knowing how to market your books and publications.  Luckily, companies like provide writers and authors with many trustworthy and effective resources they can use when publishing their work.

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