An open letter to my local newspaper about social media…

Sometimes I just feel sorry for newspapers.   Lately they came out with their decision to get into social media.   Say what?  Where have they been for the past ten years?

This caused me to write this message to the publisher of my local paper last week:

Subject: An interesting tale about the Coloradoan and social media…

Back in 2005 I spoke to a few people at the Coloradoan to offer my local paper a column about midlife.   Since you had no interest in the lives of those of us over age 45 or local writers, I went ahead and started a blog.

Now  has over 200,000 page views, with millions of back links.  Advertisers contact me daily for space, and I’m selling my own books worldwide through my blogs.   I’ve also been invited to be a featured writer in magazines around the world with guests posts everywhere.

Boy am I glad my own paper had no interest in my free column, while thousands around the globe are now eating it up!

I guess I have discovered the power of social media…


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1 Response to An open letter to my local newspaper about social media…

  1. AJ@Aspire says:

    Thank you for sharing this blog entry! Thanks for some cool new ideas. Keep your posts coming! Will definitely read them all. 😉

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