Should one even try to become a writer these days?

Yesterday I noticed a link back to this blog from I Dreamed a Dream, a blog apparently written by kids who recently graduated from college and are desperately trying to figure out what’s next for them.

There Katherine Shaye discusses the pros and cons of starting out in the writing profession at this point in time.   Here’s my response to her disillusionment with writing:

Dear Katherine:

This is Laura Lee, the author of the “Stress Management for Writers” blog you linked to.
Good for you for having the courage to consider becoming a writer in this crazy, mixed up, what is the future of writing anyway, world.  I say, GO FOR IT!   But do keep in mind that you may have to get some sort of day job before your career develops.

If you have some interest in becoming a librarian (what I did for 25 years BEFORE becoming a writer) go get some sort of assistant job at the library and check it out.          But KEEP WRITING!

One of my greatest regrets was waiting until I was 50 to finally start writing professionally. This is something you can do while doing other jobs, so don’t feel like to have to choose just one career right now.   Go out and and try out lots of different lines of work and then you will know better where you fit in.   Even volunteer.   Just get some solid experience in the work world before you commit to anything, and write about your experiences for others to learn from them on this blog!

Good Luck and please let me know how it goes,
Laura Lee

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Laura Lee Carter is the author of this blog and she holds copyright on all materials published.
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2 Responses to Should one even try to become a writer these days?

  1. Katherine Shaye says:

    Thanks for the advice and the shout out. I’ve actually been wanting to volunteer at my local library to get my foot in the door so to speak. I really appreciate any and all support when I’m feeling disheartened. Your comment made my day.


  2. Dear Katherine:
    I remember how I felt at your age, when I was deciding whether to go to graduate school in either Chinese studies or Librarianship. As it turned out, either one would have been fine, but I do remember all of that painful uncertainty.

    Now I know the only answer to your uncertainty is lots of experience in different areas. Your much sought after answers will appear and when they do, trust your inner wisdom to guide you to the life you desire.

    Laura Lee

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