Bloggers Need To Unite!

Let’s face it, most of the writers I know feel most stressed because they do not get paid properly for the hours and even years of work we put in BEFORE we start making money on our social media products.

When I think about the four years I have put into developing and maintaining my first blog, building relationships, a loyal following and a true online community, I believe it’s high time I get paid properly for sharing information and products I like!

After about a year of responding to potential advertisers’ requests for “product placement” on my four blogs, it occurred to me that as an established professional blogger I need to start communicating directly with other bloggers to compare notes on what we charge for which services to businesses.  We need to band together and communicate with each other rather than simply make up numbers in our heads when we have an advertiser interested.

Yesterday I researched what most are getting paid for one sponsored blog post and learned that it ranges from nothing to $200 at this time.   Research is quite sketchy on this point and probably the way advertisers like it.

As far as and other advertiser/publisher intermediaries go, I do not feel comfortable allowing them access to the admin page of my blog.  Besides, I don’t feel like sharing my hard earned pay with another middle man like I do with Paypal already!   Smart advertisers come to me directly through e-mail and we work together without paying a middle man 30-40% of MY PAY!

If any of you are feeling like me and would like to establish some sort of organization where established professional bloggers can network and talk about future business prospects, please e-mail me at:


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3 Responses to Bloggers Need To Unite!

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  2. Very well written Laura!!!!

  3. Hi Laura Lee:
    What you are saying makes sense, but I’m such a novice that I don’t feel that I can appropriately weigh in. It will be interesting though to see what kind of response you get.

    Charlie Hudson

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