The excitement of thinking about writing a new book

I’m hot on the trail of a new book again!  This time I want to write about how entering midlife can change you, and include all of the research that supports this view.   I’m starting out by reading an interesting research report on the Baby Boomers.

The Baby Boomers Grow Up: Contemporary Perspectives on Midlife brings together the research of hundreds if not thousands who have taken a serious look at what being a baby boomer really means.   It provides all kinds of insights into the world we all grew up in, but is decidedly academic.

I want to read all of the hard research, and then write a more user-friendly version where you can go and see how much we have in common psychologically as a generation.  I find our generation fascinating, as broad and wide as it is.   What emotional experiences have we shared that have made us the way we are now in midlife?   How are we different than our parents were when they hit midlife?

So many questions popping around in my head!   I LOVE MY WORK!


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