Ford Motor Company double and triple talk!

I have to share with you the funniest response I have received when I pitched a great promotional story to the Ford Motor Company.   I offered to write up a nice testimonial for our Ford Transit Connect van and post it on my blogs.

WE have successfully converted our Transit Connect to a mini-RV with a queen-sized bed in the back, lighting, curtains, etc.   And wherever we go, fellow campers come over and ask us about it.   We are proud of the work we have done, so I asked the marketing department over at Ford if they would be supportive of our efforts to get the word out.

Their response:

“We appreciate the time you took to send in your advertising idea. Although, as a matter of policy, we cannot consider suggestions or ideas that are offered to us on an unsolicited basis. This is because the possibility exists that an idea submitted may not be original or may have occurred to one of our employees, therefore, I hope you can appreciate that consideration of such material could tend to place us in an awkward position. Based on this policy we are required to return the material you sent to us.”

Say what???   Perhaps I should ask their lawyer for a translation on that one!

Guess they haven’t been brought up to speed on social media yet.


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One Response to Ford Motor Company double and triple talk!

  1. Julie Towers says:

    Oh…and they just happened to pass the idea on to such an employee who just may have had the idea in a dream last night. Oh for Pete Sake. All of this politically correct mumbo jumbo is ridiculous. Market your idea yourselves….to hell with Ford!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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