The stresses of the season!

“If you want a spiritual experience, go spend a weekend with your parents.”     –  Ram Dass

It seems to be a proven fact that Christmas intensifies emotions.   A friend of mine runs a local Zale’s Jewelry store.  She says all the holidays from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day bring out the romance in people. I believe the holidays bring out all sorts of strong feelings, intensified by memories of Thanksgivings and Christmases past.

Perhaps it is our fear of having no one to be with at the holidays.  I know there are many who hang out with those they don’t even like that much, because being alone seems so much worse.   That is also probably why there is an increase in domestic violence around Christmas.   So many angry, disappointed souls!

Remember, whatever feelings you are having at the time, these will get concentrated by the holidays.  Holidays raise expectations.

Can you let go of past disappointments and start from scratch this year? Bring yourself back to the present with the simple question: “What do I truly want to happen this year?” and do your best to create that reality.


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