Six ways to improve your health and happiness this year!

Attitude does count, so how can you improve your attitude this year?

From this long AARP article, please enjoy these six ways to improve your attitude and your life this year:

Get a pet. Pets provide unconditional love, wonderful companionship, and a warm welcome every time you come home.

Enjoy music everyday. Soothing, melodic music blunts stress and provides comfort.  Bright, upbeat tunes improve your mood and boost flagging energy.   Relaxing music serves as an easy and safe way to improve sleep.   Music helps keep both mind and body healthy and resilient, activating specific brain regions involved in emotion and memory.

Have a good laugh. Laughter prompts physical changes that help the immune and endocrine systems function better.  Scientists know that stress has a negative effect on the heart and causes blood vessels to narrow.

Enjoy nature everyday. Get out and take a walk.  Head for the great outdoors to boost your mood and your self-esteem. Researchers have found that people who participate in outdoor activities are significantly less angry, depressed and tense.

Help others. Those who devote time to community organizations or who informally help out friends, relatives and neighbors report greater happiness and better health than those who don’t.

Keep moving, even if it’s slowly. Take a lesson from centuries of Chinese learning, and try Tai Chi.  The gentle movements of Tai Chi reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleep quality, lower blood pressure and relieve chronic pain. These low-impact, slow-motion exercises encourage you to focus on your breathing and your body and allow you to concentrate fully on the present.


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