Thoughts on traditonal versus self-publishing

A librarian friend of mine suggested I check out Blue Ink Review.  She said the problem for librarians with self-published books, is finding some great book reviews to help them decide whether to buy the book for their library.  Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to spend a few hundred dollars per review!

Here’s a link from their blog to an interesting discussion of why so many authors are choosing self-publishing today:

A quote from author Adam Pepper:

“The advantage of self-publishing for the author is total control of each and every step of the process – and of course, money.   I keep approximately 65-70% of each sale of a self-published book whereas traditional publishers are offering 25%.   Authors accept that because they want to get in the bookstores and the big publishers have held a stranglehold on distribution.   But as popularity of digital books continues to rise, why will authors continue to give away such a huge piece of their revenue?”

I also agree with and enjoy his statement:

“For those aspiring to get in the game, self-publishing gives a writer a shot to get noticed. Readers are clamoring for inexpensive options. Ultimately, it’s going to be the consumer who determines the future of publishing.”

I have found blogging to be a great way to get noticed and collect an interested audience.  Like Mr. Pepper says:

“Authors no longer need a publisher, what they need is an audience.   I see an opportunity to connect directly with readers and that’s why I’ve decided to go it alone.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!


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