Is there any etiquette when it comes to what we write on our blogs?

I recently ran into a sticky situation on one of my blogs.   A reader chastised me for discussing my political views.  She said:

“I wish I would have read a post filled with forgiveness, understanding, compassion and empathy for all concerned.”

When I thought more about this opinion, it occurred to me that this may be a very common dilemma for many women.   Am I allowed, or should I allow myself to show the upset and angry side of myself to you?  Or should I always appear the understanding, compassionate type?   Because believe me, we ALL have a dark side, and the more we deny it, the darker it becomes.

So instead I have decided to take the advice of two of my most intelligent and respected advisors and, yes, you guessed it, start a new blog!

If you enjoy my cynical, sometimes sarcastic rants and my unique sense of humor when it comes to hot flashes, husbands, and respect for the female part of the human race, than do not miss: The Midlife Queen Blows Off Steam: Don’t Hold Back. Tell us how you REALLY feel!

How do you deal with this issue when writing on your blog?


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One Response to Is there any etiquette when it comes to what we write on our blogs?

  1. chemoangel says:

    I have just started blogging, this is very useful 🙂

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