When does a blog become a business?

Don’t miss my new guest post over at BOOMBOX NETWORK.

BOOMBOX NETWORK is a business which connects national brands with social media “Influencers” like me.  The time has come for bloggers, who provide high quality, relevant content to stop writing for free, especially when working with for-profit companies.

It’s time for these companies to expect that bloggers are trained professional who need to make a living (like everybody else!) and so bloggers with a strong following will now be demanding adequate compensation to write promotional content for companies.

As I said at the end of my article:

The sooner bloggers start to value the services they provide to their clientele and set their own standards for what their products are worth, the sooner we will all begin to be paid a living wage for the valuable advertising we provide to national brands.

What do you think?


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