Amazon versus the big traditional publishers

If you enjoy keeping up on what’s happening in the publishing industry, don’t miss this new article in Bloomberg Businessweek on Amazon’s supposed takeover.

What I don’t understand is why anyone would publish with Amazon when they could acquire their own editing, cover, etc. and then print with Lightning Source like I do.

This article says Amazon only pays their authors 45-50% of the selling price.  I make 50% on every book I sell through Amazon and 75% when I sell my own books directly, and Lightning Source takes care of all the distribution issues to lots of different sellers like Barnes & Noble, Ingram, etc.


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One Response to Amazon versus the big traditional publishers

  1. This just continues the amazement I have, in general, with Amazon. They started out with just books, now they sell everything and are even into publishing as well. They might take on the world next!

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