Giving birth to your first blog!

“Freedom of the press is only available to those who own one.”

Just spent an hour with a client yesterday, helping her visualize the blog she hopes to create.   To me this is the essence of creativity!

First consider why you even want your own blog.  I know I got into this field over four years ago out of pure curiosity.  I had no idea it would take over my life in this way!

After just a few years of struggle with the extreme limitations of freelance writing, blogging represented a marvelous opportunity to partake in FREEDOM OF THE PRESS for me!

If you are certain you want to venture into what has become quite the addiction for me, start considering the naming process.  Spend some serious time naming your future creation.  This is YOU online, and how others will see you in the future.  It is important to get this right!

Your URL may be shorter than the actual name of your blog, but make it funny or somehow catchy so when others arrive there, it brings a smile to their face.   Make it something others can relate to on a visceral  level.

Here’s an example of a website I found immediately FUN!   Great header!   Can you tell Heidi Lee has a background in marketing?  But don’t let that intimidate you!

Get out there and have some fun with it!!!

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1 Response to Giving birth to your first blog!

  1. Wonderful tips, Laura Lee – you always teach us so much. Key take away for me – Connect. The writing in your blog is your way to Connect people to your thoughts – a powerful thing indeed! And everyone can connect with a smile 🙂
    (Glad you enjoy Toad!)

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