Writing and impatience

Did any of you see this short segment on CBS Sunday Morning today?   It’s about how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle got his start writing about Sherlock Holmes?  Fascinating!

Being a writer is one thing, starting a series like this, first published in 1887, which is still just as well-known today, is called starting a business!

Of course he had no idea what he was beginning when he wrote his first stories.  He just found a topic he loved and went with it.   Your reading public can be so fickle, and you must study them to understand what will capture their imagination and what will not.

Any business starts as a fantasy.  It is only later when some practicality gets added in.  Having a strong business sense, a sense of color and design and superior research skills are all a part of the package.

But we are so much the “impatient nation” these days, as documented on this recent ABC news segment, with a mere 250 millisecond attention span!

This makes me wonder how many GREAT ideas never come to fruition today, because none of us have the patience to give them a chance to evolve and develop over the years and decades like the legend of Sherlock Holmes.

How many of my own great thoughts and ideas have been too easily trashed, before they even had a chance to see the light of day?


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One Response to Writing and impatience

  1. Our blogs have a lot in common! I also write to encourage fellow writers, plus my latest post was inspired by a “CBS Sunday Morning” segment. Thanks for sharing!

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