From where do you draw YOUR inspiration?

A fascinating question I happened to ask myself the other night…this led to a quick mental journey through the many adventures I have experienced in my life.

At the time, many of these experiences seemed harsh and often quite painful.   But in retrospect I’m glad I experienced all of them, because I have learned so much through my many ups and downs!

At the top of Emory Pass, NM

I did not choose to go the traditional route with marriage and children.   I figured out the other day that I have moved from city to city over 20 times since I was born, and changed residences many times more than that.

I have visited most U.S. states, and lived in six different ones, not to mention a number of foreign countries.  I didn’t marry until age 39, and only married for keeps at age 50.

I’ve seen quite a bit of the world, because I believed travel would be more fun in my twenties than in my sixties and seventies. Plus I’ve had so many AMAZINGLY beautiful adventures like taking week-long rafting trips down a number of rivers in Utah and western Colorado, backpacking throughout Canyonlands, living in SE Asia at the end of the war in Vietnam, learning Chinese and having a personal tour through China in the early 80s.  I stayed where President Nixon had stayed in Shanghai!

Through it all, I have tried my best to be true to myself and follow my heart, learning as much as I could everywhere I went.  I did not let personal attachments stop me from exploring the world early on, and I’m glad of that decision now.

It was not easy spending most of my adult life living on my own, but that is the only way to learn how to live life on your own terms.  There is no reason to blame others when life doesn’t turn out quite the way you planned it.  It’s a crap shot, after all!

What have I learned from all of this?   As I say regularly on my first blog, Midlife Crisis Queen:

HANG ON, it all changes!  And remember:                                                                      There are do-overs BEFORE it’s all over!

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