What are your three words to define writing success?

I belong to a Linked In Group called: Book Writing, Self Publishing, and Marketing for Business People.   Every once in a while I find some interesting tidbits on this forum.

This week someone asked the group:

In Three Words: What Does A Financially Successful Writer Do Best?

The answers range from:  “Write, network, pray!” to “Write, rewrite, market.”  My favorites were:  “Identify their reader!” and “Stay on track.”

My heartfelt contribution was: “Believe in YOURSELF!”  

I have found that if you do not fully believe in yourself and what you are doing, nobody else will.  I know this is much easier said than done, but this is your mission as a writer.  Everyday you must believe that what you are writing right now has a purpose, whatever purpose you have chosen for your writing.

What is your deeper purpose for writing?  What impact do you hope to have on the world?  Is your writing furthering that cause?   Are you reaching those who need your words?


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