Social Media and Writing for a Living

I have been learning a LOT of new things about social media lately.  I decided to finally hire a local entrepreneur to help me transfer one of my WordPress blogs over to self-hosted, and she has thrown in lots of great SEO tips too.  As usual, what started out looking like a bit of a disaster, led me to seek out exactly the kind of help I needed to improve all of my websites.  Jan Rossi saved the day!

My “disaster” was the abrupt disappearance of one of my more popular new blogs from all Google searches.  One day my Believe in Love Again site was averaging 30-40 hits a day, and the next it went to 2 or 3 and stayed there.  This meant the END of book sales from that site!  In my search for online assistance I found one funny article by an actual Google employee who also got dumped from Google, but no real answers.  So I thought, why not redirect the site to self-hosted and start over again?

Through my blog enterprises I have gained much online media attention, culminating in my guest blogger status on Savista Magazine in the UK last year, and on Third Age last week.  I personally cannot imagine how I would have sold so many books without blogging.  I also use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook daily to direct attention to my blogs and books.  Just started learning about Pinterest, but sold three books in one hour over there!

Here’s a great graphic I found to emphasize the importance of social media in small business development.  I think this says it all!


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3 Responses to Social Media and Writing for a Living

  1. quickfamesystem says:

    Yes, and all of the benefits lead to one more, you get the potential to be on TV and become know as an expert in your field while promoting your book. OK, thanks, Edward Smith.

  2. I got on TV news twice with each of my books simply by talking to the producers at the stations. But I cannot say it sold that many books, not like writing great posts on my various blogs!

    • quickfamesystem says:

      Bummer about not selling more books, but a big congrats on you pulling off getting on TV, that was quite a feat. I find that some authors end up making big money by repositioning themselves out of being authors and into being experts. They do this by using things they learned in the course of doing the book to show their mastery of a subject. This can lead to different speaking gigs, consultant bookings, and so on. Anyway you did get the brass ring in terms of getting on TV and that is so great. OK, thanks again, Edward Smith.

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