Writing and validation

Ignore success.  Concentrate on excellence!

As most of you know from experience, validation can be hard to come by as a writer.  And isn’t that exactly what most of us seek as we start out?  I know as a new freelance writer a few years ago, validation seemed impossible to find.  I received either silence or rejection from the many editors I contacted.

I now see this as the initiation period of becoming a writer.  If you can make it through that kind of rejection, you may have a chance of becoming a writer, however you define it.  Because one of your biggest challenges will be finding validation from inside yourself.

In other professions you go get a job.  When I first became an academic librarian back in 1979, I “became” a librarian when I got my first job.  With writing, validation is not so simple, but it is the key to all future excellence.

I was surprised to find how much of a difference winning a writing contest yesterday made to my own sense of validation.  I know it was just a silly competition, the first I have ever entered, but I loved the feeling of some else finally calling me “a winner.”

My own midlife crisis began after I lost my job and my career as a librarian back in 2004.  This experience included memorable moments of debilitating fears that I WAS in fact a midlife loser.  I even eventually wrote a workbook to help others with these dreadful feelings called:   “Feel Like A Loser?  What To Do When You Don’t Have A Clue.”

Getting past all of your fears of rejection is your first job as a new writer.  Look for your validation inside of yourself, because you know you MUST WRITE!  Then go out and find out where you belong in the wide world of writing.

I know this can be quite daunting at times, perhaps the greatest challenge of your life, but once you find your special niche, you have it made!


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Laura Lee Carter is the author of this blog and she holds copyright on all materials published.
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