Do you have people who BELIEVE in you?

The worst thing to see is a writer with true talent but no faith.  That is who I was for most of my life.   Up until age 50 I loved writing, knew I had much to say, but had absolutely no faith that I could make a difference with my writing.

What changed at age 50?  I finally found my BEST cheerleader!  I finally got into a relationship with someone who believed completely in me.  What a gigantic relief that was!  I was finally ready to write.

Well, not exactly.  First I went in search of a career counselor who also believed in me.  She dragged me kicking and screaming into the world of freelance writing.  I protested, she offered me a freelance assignment that she didn’t have time to complete.  It wasn’t a paid gig, but it was enough to whet my appetite, building just the smallest bit of self-confidence.

So I slowly and painfully became a writer, while gathering around me various people who believed in me.  You need these people when you feel discouraged and are seriously considering quitting.  And this will happen every now and then.  Those editors can be vicious at times!

But you will eventually come to know that a writer has to write.  Blogging is what taught me this lesson.  The worst thing I can imagine now is not being allowed to write my posts each day and hit PUBLISH.

Use your imagination, intuition, inner wisdom, dreams and day dreams to create your own world of writing.  Don’t miss those “aha” moments of insight because you’re too busy or distracted to dream!

Trust in your heart that what you are doing is important, and be sure to search out lots of love and support to help you advance towards your most essential goals!


About Laura Lee Carter

Laura Lee Carter is the author of this blog and she holds copyright on all materials published.
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