I have finally decided the subject of my next book!

Since preparing a presentation on “The Psychological Legacy of the Baby Boomer Generation”  for my local library this spring, I’ve been busy going deeper into the research on how we Baby Boomers are emotionally and psychologically different than our parents.

And why not?  Most of us were raised in the “brave new world” of constant change and ever increasing interruption and distraction.  OK, our parents had the radio, but we have experienced a nuclear explosion in technology in our life time, and we’re only in our 40s and 50s!

We have witnessed some mind-blowing technological developments in our 50 or so years on this planet!  From the first use of nuclear bombs to the Internet.  From a few hours of black and white television when we were young, to e-mail and cell phones in the 90s, to being surrounded 24/7 by world news and infotainment everywhere we look today, our world has most definitely changed, but is it for the better?

Between the current economic depression (inflation, unemployment/loss of millions of jobs to technology), the present ineffectual nonsense in Washington, D.C., difficult and unpredictable environmental disasters and concerns, and our present obesity epidemic, it is no wonder we feel dazed and confused sometimes.

Perhaps our world today demands that we either lose our minds, or choose our own version of silly distractions like relationship jumping, out-of-control shopping, alcohol and drug consumption, compulsive Internet searching, constant text messaging, eating too much, or some combination of all of  these, AT ONCE!

Trying to fully comprehend these phenomena on a deeper level is my own drug of choice.  And who better to research and write this book than a middle Boomer veteran research librarian like myself, with a strong background and an advanced degree in psychology?


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