Backyard Metaphors – Eggplant seeds

A while back, I was trying to decide whether to even attempt to grow a few eggplant plants from a packet of free seeds I was given.  Then it suddenly struck me, what a silly question.  Just put them out there and see what happens!  It’s such a tiny investment of time and energy, and who knows, I might even get an eggplant or two out of it.

This is true of so many small decisions I confront everyday of my life.  I worry too long about whether to throw them out there and see if they take root.  Why agonize over it?  Just put the silly seeds in the ground.  What have I lost if nothing comes up?

This has evolved into my philosophy of “do what’s right in front of you, and stop worrying so much about every little thing.”

I have decided to simply trust in the universe and follow my intuition.  The universe put those seeds in my hand.  I did not go out seeking after them.  They are here and they certainly won’t turn into plants sitting in their neat little packet on my coffee table.  I am the vehicle these tiny seeds have chosen to give them life.  Whether I like it or not, I’m in charge.

After I planted the seeds and dutifully began watering them every few hours, I sat and thought about how many decisions in my life could be dispatched just as quickly and easily.  No muss, no fuss.


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