Writers who fear publication

I met yesterday with an old friend from a writing group I used to belong to.  I found it interesting that we both left that group for the same reason.  In the end, we found it too frustrating to hang with writers who were too afraid to publish their work.

Don’t get me wrong!  I do have some understanding of the reasons why some don’t ever publish.  I wrote myself for decades, mostly in my journals with no intention of ever sharing that writing with others. But I’m a little unclear why writers would join a writing group for critique purposes, if they have no intention of sharing their work with anyone else.

To me this is all about self-confidence.  Consider why you want to write, have it critiqued by others, and then hide it away from the world.  Ask yourself exactly why you write.  Is it for therapeutic purposes?  Or do you have a huge fear of exposure?  What might the world learn about you through your writing?

I can only say that I found my own transition from private writing to public to be the most liberating moment of my entire life!  It left me wondering, why are we all so afraid to say what we think?  Are we afraid the criticism gods will descend on us and squash us like bugs?  Are we afraid of retribution?  If so, what type of retribution?

Now that I have been writing for public consumption for over five years, my main fear is that no one will find my work worth reading.  There’s so much out there, why would people worldwide bother with my blogs or books?

I find that to be the ultimate compliment, when others choose to read me!


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