What if I fail?

Don’t trust anyone who hasn’t failed at least once!

I heard this last night and it really struck me.  Whenever we get that great idea to try something new and different, the next question is almost always,    “What if I fail?”  Just know you will always learn more and grow from your own “failures.”

Back in 2004, at age 49, I felt like a total failure.  I had just lost my job as an academic librarian and could not find another.  So I did the most unlikely thing for me, I started a local matchmaking service.  I figured I needed a job AND a date, so why not?  I actually made a good go of it for six months or so, but soon learned that throwing parties non-stop was not really me.  Besides I inadvertently met a new husband in the process!

Some might call this a failure. One thing I learned was that I needed some outside help choosing my next career.  I knew I didn’t want to be a librarian anymore, but what’s next?

Looking for a good investment?  Invest in yourself!

So I hired a good career counselor. Outside help was needed.  She carefully guided me through the many options open to me, and after only a few sessions, she suggested that I try writing a free monthly column on “Dating after 50″ for a local newspaper, to attract more midlife counseling clients.  A few months later I wrote an article for an HR magazine about the trauma of losing my job for the first time at age 49.

Though these experiences and lots of encouragement from my counselor, I realized I had always pictured myself as a writer, but assumed such a choice was far too risky and irresponsible.  In other words, I just couldn’t bring myself to give myself what I truly wanted!

With a bit more nudging, she convinced me to attend a local writing conference and there I met and hired a fantastic writing coach.  Changing careers at 50 is such a challenge.  I knew I needed all the help I could get to jump start my career.

Six years later, I am amazed at what I have accomplished, “failures” and all!  I’m writing and editing professionally, I have a few popular blogs, and I have written and published a number of books and workbooks on changing your everything in midlife!

Life is good, and only because I took a chance, and failed as a professional matchmaker.  Besides, failure gives you so much more empathy for others!

“The hardest battle you will face in life is to be no one but yourself in a world which is trying its hardest to make you like everybody else.”


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3 Responses to What if I fail?

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  2. coastalmom says:

    I love your style of writing! So easy! Gives me hope! Especially cuzzzz we are in the same age game! I love hearing stories about people like Phillis Diller and Joyce Meyers (funny combo, but what the heck) who have had their ephiphanies later in life!

  3. Glad to help! Actually my recent research is showing me how normal and natural it is to begin some major changes past age 45! Celebrate aging! That’s what I say now!
    Don’t miss my main blog: http://MidlifeCrisisQueen.com -Laura

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