You’re not going to believe this!

After working full-time as a writer for the past six years, I just bought my FIRST laptop!  No I don’t have a cellphone either, but I must say I am experiencing a bit of a lift from having my laptop handy wherever I am.

I didn’t expect it to change my writing habits, but it has.  I usually work upstairs on my desktop computer, but I put my laptop downstairs in the living room with only WORD on it, so I wouldn’t be tempted or distracted by e-mail or the Internet.  This has really worked for me!

As I set out writing a new book, I have a beautiful and different place to go when I want to only focus on my writing.  Having a nice, clean, new computer feels freeing.  It helps me clear my head and totally focus on the subject at hand.

What is that subject of this book?  Midlife change, of course!  I am trying to put together the definitive work on why our generation (the boomers) are the first to truly benefit from the unique psychological opportunities inherent in midlife.  The chance to fully grow up and experience a second stage of adulthood.

Wish me luck!  I’m on my way on a whole new adventure!


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4 Responses to You’re not going to believe this!

  1. ericjbaker says:

    Thanks for referring to boomers as “mid-life.” I’m a Gen-Xer, and that’s the first time someone has made me feel young in a long time.

    Congrats on the laptop purchase. I’ve somehow accumulated four of them, which makes writing easier. I just swivel my head until I see a keypad, then I sit in front of it. I can’t believe people ever had typewriters.

  2. Thanks for the LOL Eric!!! I call it “midlife” because none of us know how much time we have left…Yes, those typewriter days must have been DAUNTING. Imagine sitting down to write something, considering ALL of the hoops you would need to jump through before anyone else would ever see your work!
    I’m not sure I would have had the confidence and endurance to write back then for publication!

    BTW, nice blog!

  3. Congratulations! And what a great idea to only put Word on your laptop — it’s gotta keep you from wasting huge amounts of time playing on the web, and it should keep you focused on what you’re supposed to do.

    I bought a laptop about a year ago. Honestly, haven’t used it much. But now, you’ve given me an idea . . .

  4. Tom:
    I just realized today I’ve used my laptop everyday since I got it! You know me, I cannot shut up!

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