How to Build a Book

I’m presently in the middle of a big project, constructing the framework for my next book.  I find it useful to conceptualize your book rather like you would when building a house.  Otherwise the job before you can begin to seem so daunting, it can become utterly overwhelming.

I normally begin by opening myself up to all the tiny clues and inspirations which surround me.  What do I need to write about right now?  In my present case, I waited for a few years and then inspiration arrived in the middle of the night to tell me why this book needed to be written.

The next step was to “frame out” my ideas into some sort of structure, to the point where I felt comfort with my overall plan.  Only then did I begin to fill in the details.  One of the most essential parts of this process is to build your own confidence in your project, as you build your book.

You may ask yourself a million times, “Why am I doing this?”  “What do I hope to contribute to the world here?”  “Why does this book need to be written?” and you will gradually answer these questions as your book develops in your own head and then on paper.

Self-doubt is absolutely a part of this process.  It is a key ingredient in producing your own best product.

Ignore success — concentrate on excellence!


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