The Value and Meaning of Books

LOVE this essay by Anne Lamott in the NYT this morning! 

Yes!  That and this lovely piece ABC News did on the meaning of books to kids who have never owned one, got me thinking about the value and meaning of books in my life.  Where would I be today without my well-educated and encouraging parents, and the many educational opportunities given to me as a kid?

Although I cannot remember my very first book, I have a crystal clear memory of the day my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Miller, gave me the special honor of going to the 6th grade to pick out my reading material!

Books were everywhere in my home growing up!  My dad was a first-generation college graduate, who went on to earn a Ph.D. in botany and become a college professor.  Thanks to my always reading, teaching and writing parents, my earliest memories are filled with music, picture books and then books I picked out and read myself.  I learned early of all the amazing places you can go by reading books about amazing places!  Yes, my parents taught me well the power of the WORD.

That’s why I want to encourage all of you to get involved in and contribute to the great charity, First Book!  Imagine not being able to afford books as a child.  This could be the BEST way to bring joy and encourage literacy and reading among the kids of America this holiday season!

The more you read, the more you will know.  The more you know, the more places you will go!   – Dr. Seuss


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2 Responses to The Value and Meaning of Books

  1. If you read Freakonomics by the economist Steven D. Levitt and the author Stephen J. Dubner they clearly show via data that the presence of books in the home creates a better and more successful student. It’s NOT those who are read to that have the correlation, it’s those who have the books there in the home. Weird right?

  2. No, it makes sense in a way. If you have books around you are bound to wonder what’s in them eventually. You may even get curious enough to read them! Especially if everyone around you is also reading… -LLC

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