My favorite author movie ever!

Just viewed “Miss Potter” for the second or third time.  What a lovely holiday tradition along with the Polar Express, of course!

Love this portrayal of Beatrix Potter as she sets out to prove the entire world wrong by becoming the most famous children’s author of all time!  And Renee Zellweger is the perfect casting choice for the real Miss Potter.

This is a delightful story not without it’s sad moments, just like life.  I loved the way Miss Potter talks to her characters in this film.  They are so real to her.  And she is naturally drawn to those who understand that level of imagination and creativity.

But what I love most is her spunk, setting off on what probably seemed like an impossible dream back in 1900, when she first began pitching her idea for “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” to publishers.

Miss Potter was already a recognized artist and scientific illustrator at that time, but most male publishers thought her stories silly.  However, this did not discourage her!  Instead, showing great tenacity, she finally found the perfect editor for her stories, a man she found great companionship with, and eventually almost married…

Such a lovely story, and so encouraging to the struggling author and artist in each of us.  See it and enjoy thoroughly!


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