The stresses of writing a book

“Those who think they can, and those who think they cannot are BOTH right.”      –  Henry Ford

I just completed the editorial phase of my new book:  FIND YOUR REASON TO BE HERE:   The Search for Meaning in Midlife. 

Anyone who has completed this process knows it ain’t easy!  Handing your most precious baby over to a detail-oriented editor who has nothing invested in the emotions of creating your work, is a challenge for just about anybody.

How can this editor not empathize with the blood, sweat and tears that went into this project for you?   For me there is even deeper meaning.  I have enough experience in writing books to know that this exercise can quickly transform into an endless labor of love.

Writing the book is the individual, solitary part of the work, the part that demands a certain level of self-discipline.  That quickly turns into the PROMOTION phase, the out there in the world trying to explain to others why you bothered.

In this case, the only reason I “bothered” was a few words I received in a dream back in September.  One night I awoke with the words: “To my brother John.  May he rest in peace”  stuck in my mind.  John has disappeared from our lives, gone for the past few years with no contact.

John is [was] one boomer who probably did not survive his 50s, and we feel that is a shame, a genuine waste of human potential.  How many others go in search of meaning in midlife and do not survive the process?  My book is my attempt to offer reasons why midlife is not the time give up.

I have experienced a number of my own difficulties in my “middle passage.”  This caused me to go in search of what we know now about the psychology of boomers, the uniqueness of the middle years, and how to help others pull out of a midlife downward spiral.  I learned from my research that midlife is often a time of personal crisis, but it can also be the best time to find new purpose and meaning.

I am so sorry I could do nothing to help my brother survive his own personal challenges, but I will do my best to educate others so they can make the most of their middle years!


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