Why is EVERYONE ripping off writers?

Having been through the process of producing a book these past few weeks, I have to say “BULLSHIT!” to everyone who is taking advantage of writers!  Who am I talking about?  First we have the editors who think they can charge us whatever they like.  Then it’s the printers who make everything more difficult than necessary.

I finally got my paperback book out on Amazon and Barnes and Noble last week, talk about ripoff artists, places like Amazon suck writers dry by taking a gigantic cut out of all authors’ profits.  Then today I started dealing with the REAL wheeler-dealers of the book trade, the e-book converters!

We get paid nothing for writing online these days, and the only way I have found to try and make any money is through producing my own books, until the bottom-feeders turn up to ripoff those of us already living on thin air!  Can any of you relate?

I’m going to start naming names soon and warning other writers away from these vampires who feed off the non-existent profits we authors make!

About Laura Lee Carter

Laura Lee Carter is the author of this blog and she holds copyright on all materials published.
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